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    Robot gripping casting in grinding Numerical control casting grinding equipment Fully automatic green sand casting production line POURING ROBOT
    Fully automatic green sand casting production line
    Green sand production line includes fully automatic airflow pre-compacted SEIATSU moulding, fully automatic on-line pouring, efficient sand mulling and automatic online intelligent control testing of moulding sand etc.. The entire production line uses advanced digital control technology and equipment; there is signal and data transmission among moulding line, pouring machine and sand processing system; the equipment is of high security, achieving the fully automated production of casting forming. Castings produced by automatic line are featured with stable product quality and high product consistency and dimensional accuracy; thus, efficient and environmental production suitable for medium and large quantities of industrial casting production is achieved.
    "The application of CNC technology in green sand casting production line further enhances the equipment level of enterprise, improves the inherent safety of equipment and greatly enhances production efficiency. Automatic control is achieved in moulding, pouring, out of box, sand mulling and other links, there is no need of direct manual operation, which not only greatly reduces the on-site employee allocation, but also relieves the labor intensity of staff. The use of CNC technology can ensure conveniently adjustable process parameters, high moulding accuracy, low waste rate and stable product quality. Compared with semi-mechanized production line, production efficiency can be increased by more than 100%, due to the increase in the number of moulding in unit time, the energy consumption per unit product is also significantly reduced. Therefore, it is of good economic and social benefits.
    Moulding line
    1. Adopt the fail-safety PLC with short cycle time and powerful command function, it is suitable for large-scale and complicated control system requiring high reliability. I/O distributed mode is adopted between PLC and the on-site sub-control cabinet, safe, efficient and real-time transmission of data and signal between them is realized through the PROFINET communication network, which greatly reduces the wiring of on-site control system and improves the reliability and inherent safety of equipment. PROFINET is compatible with industrial Ethernet and existing fieldbus (PROFIBUS) technology with the transmission rate of 100Mbit/s, it is easy to achieve the integration of control networks and convenient to monitor and modify operational procedures and parameters. Industrial super 5-type twisted-pair wiring mode is adopted on site to meet the anti-electromagnetic interference requirement of industrial site.
    2.The motor drive of the system adopts servo drive control, combined with rotary encoder signal feedback, closed-loop control system is constituted, high positioning accuracy and advanced vector control mode can achieve high dynamic motor response characteristics. In addition, positional parameters can be directly set as required through corresponding software platforms, compared to the traditional positioning method using proximity or limit switch, it has been essentially upgraded.
    3. Main moulding machine adopts full hydraulic system drive, key action adopts hydraulic servo control and hydraulic proportional control to achieve the high stability of equipment;
    (1) The pushing and buffering etc. of moulding flask adopts digital proportional control system, distance measurement is conducted in the whole working process. Running speed and acceleration and deceleration rate can be quantitatively set. Smooth pushing and accurate positioning can be achieved through the synchronized cooperation between pushing and cushion dashpot.
    (2) The lifting mechanism of main moulding machine and the shuttle mechanism of middle bucket use two-axis hydraulic servo controller, high-frequency response servo solenoid valve and cartridge valve suitable for large flow work; quick and accurate positioning of sand adding, moulding flask receiving, compaction and other work station can be realized through the linear sensor detecting displacement. As a smart unit, hydraulic servo controller achieves data transmission with PLC and upper computer through PROFIBUS communication, which is easy to system management and monitoring, and thus full digital control mode is achieved.
    4. The safety gates of the entire line body all use electronic door lock control, doors opening and closing signals are written into the PLC safety program, doors can only be opened under line stopping state. And reset confirmation should be conducted through corresponding buttons before opening and after closing the door so as to avoid the cancelation of this function due to free short circuit carried out by the on-site maintenance staff and thus improve the inherent safety of equipment.
    5. The entire control system uses upper industrial personal computer for a variety of management, and the following functions can be achieved:
    (1) The dynamic process display of the entire line and each part,
    (2) Show the operational data of each moulding flask, be able to display the model type and information such as moulded and poured etc,
    (3) Information system with device diagnostic program for the detection and identification of equipment and technical failures,
    (4) Information files saving and recording former technical failures,
    (5) Show the current working condition and initial position of each part,
    (6) Model database for storing machine data related to the model, these machines include molding machine, air hole drilling device and pouring cup drilling device.
    (7) Operational data records for shifts change and work log sheets.
    (8) Automatic record statistics

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    Export sales: 0551-63872176 63872205
    Domestic sales: 0551-63872153 63872170
    (Workday 7:50-11:40 12:40-16:40)
      Address: No.98, Hezhang Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province
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